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The #1 tool to find the winning product for dropshipping. Use UNISPY to find your nich products by tracking your competitors' stores.

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Store Inspector

Show the store's basic info, first listing time, last listing time, store theme, average price, highest price, lowest price.

Sales Inspector

Clear charts showing the sales number and amount sold per hour / day / month. list and export the top 100 best-selling products.


Displays the most popular items in the last weekly / monthly / yearly, sorted by number of sold.

Live Sales

Displays sold items in near real time. Track live sales for any Shopify store.

Product Analysis

Statistics by product collection, product price range , published date, product type, supplier and label.

Traffic Analysis

Analysis the Shopify stores' marketing strategies, reveal the store traffic source by geolocation, traffic monthly trends.

New Product Tracking

Export all the latest products to your store with one click. Track new product launches from competitors.


Check which apps are installed on the Shopify store

What UNISPY users say

I've been using UNISPY for the past 4 weeks and absolutely love it. I use UNISPY almost every day, so this tool saves me bunch of time!


I'm an early user of UNISPY - it's a great product! It makes my life so much easier & saves me a lot of time when I finding niche products! 👏 Thank your for making this tool!


Using UNISPY is so much better and intuitive . Getting it is a no-brainer for anyone sales with Shopify!


UNISPY helps fill the gap that finding the hidden gems of niche products. Very excited about this, so thank you! Great product!


It completely changed how I find less-competiter products. UNISPY is a great helper in my everyday work and I wouldn't want to miss it again.


Wonderful tool! This has saved me so much time! Love the product!



Supercharge your finding niches experience

Available for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (like Brave and Edge).

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  • Products Listing & Analysis

  • New Product Tracking

  • Store Inspector

  • Apps and Theme

Yearly License

$319 $119 /year
  • Save 50% - 6 months free

  • Include all Free level features

  • Sales Inspector

  • Best-Selling Products

  • Live Sales

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Facebook Ads

Monthly License

$39 $19 /month
  • Include all Free level features

  • Sales Inspector

  • Best-Selling Products

  • Live Sales

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Facebook Ads

Frequently asked questions

What UNISPY can do for me?
  • Discover the best selling products from your competitors.
  • Discover products suitable for dropshipping & niche market.
  • Find winning products for sale
  • Shopify Store Inspector
  • Shopify Sales Tracking
  • Live Sales Tracking
  • New Arrival Monitor
  • Shopify Product Scraper and Export/Download in one click
  • Download product images with scraper
  • Reveal Apps and theme
Does this tool work on cloud? Do I need keep open my chrome always?
UNISPY is a chrome extension (and also available for other browser), it is not running on the cloud.
when you run tracking store, the extension need run in background on your local PC. so please keep your chrome and the working tab is always open.

If you close the working tab or even shutdown your PC, your store tracking is not working anymore.

If you prefer to run sales tracking on Cloud, please try UNISPY on Cloud .
I have some questions about Sales data.
UNISPY track Shopify Store sales data begin from you track the store. You should always keep your chrome/browser open and the UNISPY bot tab open, then the sales data obtained is continuous and sufficient.
Even that is some sales data before you start track, this only sample of all sales data, not the all data.
If the shopify sales data 100% right?
We collect shopify store data with the website public data, In our test, the sales data is approximately 80% quantity equal to total sales.
Why the sales time is not correct?
We use UTC (+0) time to display sales time, please convert the sales time to your local time with timezone.
FOR EXAMPLE: if you are in USA California, you should add sales time with (-8) hours.
Does UNISPY track all Shopify store?
For performance, UNISPY only track Shopify stores that less than 5000 products.
How to download product images?
Download & Export product data, check the "include images" checkbox, the bot will download product images to ZIP file for you.
Does UNISPY offer a trial?
Yes, we offer trials. You can use your email to register an account to enjoy the trial. There is no card required.
How to upgrade my member plan?
You can upgrade/change your subscription at any time, by clicking the PRO button, and choice your plan click "UPGRADE"/"CHANGE" button.
How to cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your premium subscription at any time, by clicking the PRO button, and finally clicking the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.

100% money back guarantee.

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